3 Things You Should Never Believe

1. Never believe that God has stopped wanting to use you.

2. Never believe that your function in the body is not important.

3. Never believe that you are past your use by date.

God is not finished with you!

Get yourself back in the game and give yourself to the things of God once again.

You will find new fulfilment, new hope, new joy, when you begin serving again.

We were made to serve and worship God and part of that is to serve other people.

When we give ourselves to loving God and serving people there is no greater reward on this earth than knowing that we are part of God’s will and his plan.

Do you want to do something great for God?

Look for the needs around you.

You don’t need to go to Africa or Indonesia or India to find someone to serve.

Wherever you live, you have people that need you right outside your door.

There are marriages that are failing that need someone to share God’s love with them.

There are people struggling in their jobs, or have lost their job, and just need someone to sit with them and be their friend through this time.

There are family members that have been ostracised for whatever reason and you see it, and you know that you can reach out to them.

You see the struggling Christian at church, the Newcomer that is struggling to find where they belong and you can be their help.

There’s always someone.

There’s always something.

There is you.

Give God your best and give people your love.

Which part of the body are you today?

Are you the feet? Is there somewhere you need to go?

Are you the hands? Is there something you need to do?

Are you the fingers? Can you point someone in the right direction?

Are you the heart? Can you show some compassion?

Whatever you feel God has placed on your heart today, whoever God has placed on your heart today, do that.

Be blessed and be a blessing,

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