When Christian Leaders Go Astray.

When I’m leading worship, I feel this three-way connection between myself & the congregation, & myself & God.

Not like I am the channel to God for the congregation, each individual needs to reach out and touch God for themselves. But, there’s a connection between myself and the congregation inasmuch as they allow me to lead them. And then there is a connection between myself and God that I must feel, if I am to breathe and be led by that Spirit back through into the congregation.

Sensing the love of God for myself allows me to feel the love of God for the congregation. When I feel the love of God for the congregation I know that the congregation can feel that love, that passion, that genuineness of worship.

It’s not a pretense. It’s not a performance. It’s not entertainment. It’s the power of God through the Spirit of God anointing a leader in the church for the sake of his people.

That He may be glorified, He provides his anointing upon leaders in the church.

God blesses, instructs, and leads those he has placed in front of the church. Not for the sake of the leader, but for the sake of those they are leading.

Leadership without the presence of God is also without His authority and will be found wanting.

Where the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. Where the pride of men exists, the Lord will share his glory with no man.

It’s true, I have seen, and most of us have seen on a global scale, leaders in the church acting unjustly, unrighteously, immorally, and it can be confusing and bewildering to most that God has still been using them while they indulge themselves in the sins of the flesh.

But when you understand the heart of God for the people that those leaders are leading, then you may begin to understand why God still annoints and uses people in places of leadership in the church that are involved in sin.

God‘s heart is for the individual.

He will leave the 99 and go after the one. He can use anyone he chooses as a vessel for his glory.

Sometimes it is necessary that the weeds grow up with the crop lest you pull the weed out and the crop comes up with them.

It is still hard to understand and explain how someone can be involved in immoral sin and still be used by God.

But when you look at the fact that none of us are guiltless, everyone has turned away, each one of us to our own ways, it shouldn’t really be a surprise that God can use a blatant sinner to reach people for his glory.

God is always after the one.

And you can say, “yes, but, there is so much damage done when the sins are exposed and come to light!” and that’s true. And God wishes that it had never come about in the first place. It is not his will that these leaders in the church turn to their own selfishness to fulfil their own selfish desires and in so doing damage many believers and turn many otherwise curious unbelievers away.

But, to me, even this can show the glory of God that he can piece any mess back together.

It hurts, it’s ridiculous, and it’s not the way it should be. But God has shown chosen to build his church with flawed humanity and broken vessels.

We came from the dust, we will return to the dust. But know this, that those who are in places of leadership will receive a much stricter judgement.

Remember the words of Jesus when he said that it is better for a man to hang a millstone around his neck then to lead one of these little ones astray.

Don’t ever think for a second that these leaders have gotten away with what they’ve done. And unless they repent, their punishment is not complete. So their works will be burned up and they will be saved, yet so as through fire (1 Cor 3:15).

So can we just agree on this one thing, that our relationship with God, your personal relationship with God, should never be dependent on someone else’s leadership?

Your salvation is of such importance that you should not neglect it to the point where it is reliant upon a leader remaining in their position.

We lift people up, that’s what we do. Whether simply as a reference point, or as an idol when it’s taken to the extreme, when we are looking for something to worship and our eyes have turned away from the fullness of God.

There is always the danger that we will lift people up to high.

Keep people in their right place.

Whether it’s a global leader from a mega church, or your humble pastor of 50 faithful saints, don’t let them be the switch to your salvation. Don’t give them that power.

The way to keep your leaders in perspective is to weigh them up against the word of God.

To keep vigilant and not just blindly accept everything that they say, but compare it to the word of God.

Paul said, follow me as I follow Christ. In other words, if I’m not following Christ, don’t follow me!

Remember that however much a leader may seem untouchable and unreachable, which they never should be, they are just like you.

They are sinners saved by Grace in need of a loving God and an almighty saviour.

Keep people where they belong, on earth.

And lift Jesus up where He belongs: On the throne of your heart and of heaven.

Be blessed & be a blessing,


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