The Search

Sometimes we can all feel a little lost, even as Christians. Usually, it just means we’ve wandered a little ways from the presence of God and are in need of some time alone with Him.  I wrote the poem below in an attempt to reflect the search and journey back to the presence of God.

The Search

I went looking for someone, I wasn’t sure who.
I know it sounds strange, but it’ll make sense soon.
I looked in the place that I thought I knew.
Where could they be? I hadn’t a clue!

I looked in some music, so familiar. But, no.
I talked to their old friends and nothing, still no.
Maybe an old job, someone they used to be?
But, no. Nowhere to be found, nothing to see.

Everyone said they were such a great person,
Seem to fit in and be the friendliest version.
This person was lost but, it seems only to him.
The battle they faced, was a struggle within.

I thought that I’d looked as far as I could,
In music and friends, but it was all to no good.
Then I looked up and got down on my knees,
And prayed to the Lord, “I’m asking, God, please?”

Show me the one that I’m trying to find,
Past all the things that’ve made my eyes blind.
Show me the love that is steady and true,
Show me I’m found, forever in you.

©️ Graham Byles 2021

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